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The news about hacks, leaks and breaches is ever more visible and more in the public eye.  Never before has our industry been under such scrutiny, and whilst it may be the bad news that makes the headlines (although this is in keeping with most of the rest of the news that makes the front pages) it has to be welcomed.  For the digital world to be safe the responsibility for data, security and the safeguarding of sensitive information has to be one borne by the business as a whole and not just the preserve of those over-worked and stressed in the tech teams.  Raising the profile of the cybercrime industry, because that’s what it is, forces it centre stage and such recognition ensures the issue becomes the priority it always should have been.

Here at Exclusive Networks we strive to ensure all our partners are able to meet these new challenges in keeping their customers’ connected world safe and data secure.  How do we ensure we back the right vendors and provide technology that does the job from one which is channel friendly?  Stuart gives some insight into the world of vendor alliances.  Managing a complex world is made possible with security policy orchestration delivered by Tufin, and initiatives such as our CARM framework allows all partners to adopt multi-vendor solutions that complement their customers’ existing security profile to cover the essentials of prevention, detection and reaction, irrespective of whether their needs are advanced or more basic.

Is there an area of the market you want covered or an industry issue raised?  Let us know and we’ll share our thoughts on this issue too.

Graham Jones, MD

2017: Consolidation,
Gold Rushes and Uncertainty

At our recent Exclusive Group Kick-off, I was involved in many discussions about the security market and what we expect to see in the coming year now we’re just over a month in.


Enter Control, Exit Chaos

The challenges facing network security management are getting ever more, well, challenging. More complexity, more and more rapid change, cyber-attacks increasing daily, connectivity demands greater and more varied and the gauntlet of new compliance rules now firmly thrown down. Without a means to control all this, there is a real danger that the core characteristic of the modern network is looming chaos.


TThe increased sophistication and attack velocity of ransomware has grown at an alarming rate over the last couple of years to the point where it represents the most immediate and potentially debilitating threat for organisations (and individuals). For the security sector it’s been known about for a decade or more, but given its increased availability, use and effectiveness at bypassing existing security protocols the need to take action is now. Richard Foulkes, cybersecurity consultant, suggests that, given the raised profile of the threat, education is the key factor in winning the war, against this opportunistic criminal enterprise.

Export Expertise & Experience
Equals Extra Value

Consider this. International aspects of security technology deals are on the rise in a climate of international uncertainty. Such a scenario means it is essential to understand the ins and outs of export and import controls the world over. After all, business success is not just measured by sales; it’s about the smooth and successful delivery of complex projects where the right goods arrive in the right place at the right time and with no added costs. Paul Kaye leads Exclusive Networks’ project delivery team and is well versed in the legalities and peculiarities, of international trade.

To, Through and Together: How Marketing Adds Significant Value

Mention marketing and it’s highly likely that first thoughts centre on rather generic aspects such as advertising, PR, and generally creatively angled communications. Mention marketing to Exclusive Networks’ marketing director, Jennie Rogers, and whilst in her unassuming words it may not be “rocket science”, there is certainly a lot more science than art these days, especially when it comes to the value partners can tap into to boost their business prospects and pipeline.

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